Jumat, 30 Juli 2010

Two weeks full of learning

I make this new thread to express my feeling after two weeks I got a lot of learning activities so far. As I've said yesterday, we can learn everything not only by do some job related into that, but we can choose some methods such as observing, interviewing, or doing some questionnaire. And I choose first method so far and I put all of my learning experience by using of my note.

My note was and will become my really friend for six month to have this internship program. I put my learning experience in there and I also put my comment and feedback right there. Two weeks so far, I feel so enjoy with some sales and promotion related into hotel product. Although my knowledge about product is not well enough, but I believe I have some skill to explain it well, IF I meet with the customer.

Two weeks with full learning means not only learn about the job in the industry. How deal with people, how to lead them, how to express with our performance is a reaaly enjoying part of learning. I feel that I can learn to live on this capital. Although I spent so many funds in here, more funds need in Jakarta than Bali, I start to learn how to live effeciently and effectively.

On the morning of this two weeks learning, I join with my first morning briefing and I see I will face better and will become better day again in front. I always feel optimist and I feel this program can be done well.

Hopefully two weeks is part of my bright milestone and hope you really enjoyed.

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