Jumat, 30 Juli 2010

Two weeks full of learning

I make this new thread to express my feeling after two weeks I got a lot of learning activities so far. As I've said yesterday, we can learn everything not only by do some job related into that, but we can choose some methods such as observing, interviewing, or doing some questionnaire. And I choose first method so far and I put all of my learning experience by using of my note.

My note was and will become my really friend for six month to have this internship program. I put my learning experience in there and I also put my comment and feedback right there. Two weeks so far, I feel so enjoy with some sales and promotion related into hotel product. Although my knowledge about product is not well enough, but I believe I have some skill to explain it well, IF I meet with the customer.

Two weeks with full learning means not only learn about the job in the industry. How deal with people, how to lead them, how to express with our performance is a reaaly enjoying part of learning. I feel that I can learn to live on this capital. Although I spent so many funds in here, more funds need in Jakarta than Bali, I start to learn how to live effeciently and effectively.

On the morning of this two weeks learning, I join with my first morning briefing and I see I will face better and will become better day again in front. I always feel optimist and I feel this program can be done well.

Hopefully two weeks is part of my bright milestone and hope you really enjoyed.

Kamis, 29 Juli 2010

Four Seasons comment so far

I think some one has been read my blog because my director of sales has been updated my status into their program.

19th July : Learning Manager, Ibu Fathia Saripuspita and Director of HR welcomed us as one of the part of Four Seasons Hotel Jakarta family. Then Fathia gift a very surprising statement and punishment because some of 35 trainees did some mistakes about attitude. I was very shocked because on this moment I felt that some one can judge with a very hard atmosphere, but I think that was very good for us. mainly focus on this day is orientation about hotel, hotel tour, and four seasons core and culture.

20th July : orientation is more relaxing than before. Starting to know each other and surprisingly, I was chosen by other trainees as their leader there. I was very surprised but I always take positive things on every moment. I felt that Four Seasons people always recognized person and that make them different than each other. Otherwise, they're look like same than Jakarta business persons's, individualistic, very tought, and focus on their career and their goal.

21th July : my first day on Sales and Marketing department, firslty I met with Ibu Novi Samodro as director of Sales and Pak Scott Boyer as director of Marketing. i was atacched with Ibu Irene Ingrid for 1 week. I must say a thank you so much with her because she told mke about everything in the hotel. She introduced me into all Four Seasons Employees, manager, director, and general manager. She also introduced and lectured me for a week until yesterday about Sales and Marketing computerized system.

22th july - now : nothing's special so far, but fortunately Ibu Novi had just already told me that I can attend morning briefing, and do some training event. I just like to remind you all that I'm not working right here, but I am and will to learn lots of thing around here. One thing, Ibu Irene borrowed me a notebook so I can update my daily activities into this blog. Hopefully, all day will be not bored anymore.

See yeaa !!!!

Rabu, 28 Juli 2010

One Week in Four Seasons Hotel Jakarta

It has been 6 months I never give any update for this blog. I don't want to search and make any blank reasons for this case, base honestly, I had lots of program since I had my 5th and 6th semester in college so far. I have updated those programmes into my latest blog.

If you see from my blog title, perhaps you will know that I'm not in Bali anymore. Yes, starting from two weeks before, I start to live in Jakarta because of my seventh semester program of internship. I choose the same company for todays internship which is one of Four Seasons Hotel and Resort and I choose Jakarta. Two months ago I sent an email, attached with CV and application letter, into Learning Department of this hotel. Fortunately I was accepted to have 6 months internship program in Sales and Marketing Division and it was starting on 19th July 2010. If the plan will not changed, I'll finish this internship program on 14 January 2010.

Most people asked me, why I choose Jakarta as the place for my second internship program. They thought that I was fool boy, I leave my families, friends, and my beautiful island. I replied : I am 21 years old now and I think it was enough for me to enjoy my heaven and start to look at the hell. I want a new challenge and in my country, people usually say that the city with huge of challenge is in capital. I want a new challenge and I think Jakarta will be good starting point for me to learn more thing about this world. And why I choose same hotel, because I believe this hotel has a good program on its learning especially on internship program. I want to prove that fact when I arrive at Soettha International Airport three weeks ago. Is that fact will be come true ?

The answer I got two weeks ago on my first day on 19th July. Learning Manager and some staffs welcomed us (me and the other 31 trainees) and I felt a warmth atmosphere on that moment. But I was very surprised after that. The Learning Manager is very concern about our manner and performance. She punished some of trainees because of unaccepted reason. But I was agree with her.

And now it has since be a week for me in Sales Marketing Office. On first period, until October, the trainers put me on Room Sales Department. Sometimes I felt so bored because nothing I can do, I just take a little of administration program, although all staff here welcomed me very well. All of them have different characteristics and I must have a great spirit about adaptation with them. Other adaptation is about my manner.

Last but not least, all learning point can be done without we do the activity. We can do by some method such as observation, interviewing, or by anquete (extremely). And I always concern that what I must right here is not do lots of things but learn a lot of things. Last months, by some suggestion from my family, I had a plan to change my goal from working in hotel, into working as an entrepeneur or working part time as a lecturer. So far, actually by this week learning experience, I learn how travel agencies create their goal and making a great rate corperation with hotel. When they have a fine deal, then they have a good business. That's why I have a plan after finish this internship, I want to keep a spirit to make a travel agent in my town and start to search potential business with potential business.

One week in Four Seasons Hotel Jakarta is challenging so far. What a kind of pressure around here ! New atmosphere, new staffs (friends), with a new character of boss or manager! Still 5 and 3 weeks to go and it will be finished well by lots of learning point. Then I finish my project. Weekly updated will be coming soon.