Minggu, 01 Agustus 2010

How to Keep and Create Relationship

After take 2 days on my weekend last day, I start again my Monday with a powerful spirit. Although I am not quite happy with my feel right now, I feel that I am ready to face this 3rd week. And today I learn about a special thing about marketing, the core thing of Hotel marketing, RELATIONSHIP.

Learning point about this day is about how to keep and create relationship, not only for former customers, but also for potential customer, though "killed" customer. "Killed" customer means our former business who leave us because unpredictable situation or because they got lack of service. Bot of those are learned today because I attached with my manager.

After culturally morning briefing, I saw that to keep relationship between hotel and corporate business can be taken by remember something special about our business customer, something likes their birthday, their event, our their potential guest. Really, the customer will appreciate us if we make something surprise about them.

Everyone's thing that keep relationship is easier than create a new relationship. Keeping relationship purposes is to make our customer mindset so they never leave us on their new business. At least, when they have a business plan, which is an opportunity for hotel's revenue, they will inform us at first. Is it easy ? And how about create a relationship ?

Create a new relationship by each company is very important because all marketing in every company should be adapt in every situation. When our loyal customer leave us, we must make such a kind of anticipation. This anticipation is started by search some companies which are located nearby us. As corporate hotel, we must think with a specifically point of view so we can decreased any kind of expenses. After search the companies is better to make an appointment with the highest decision maker if it is possible. We can ask about their business plan in front and smartly search what kind of their business can be potentially is reached by us. Work in marketing is full of smart with product knowledgement.

Last but not least, in marketing, there are so many challenges and also huge obstacle to face. That's why marketing person must be controlled by their humble performance when their business agreement is rejected or cancelled. If a new business is cancelled, then retry again to search new relationship. Again and again, the core thing of marketing is keeping our relationship. That's learning point for today (morning to afternoon) so far, and see you guys on the next blog !