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Be Colonizing, Not to Be Colonized : Nationalism at Tourism Industry by Made Handijaya Dewantara

In the year 2010, Indonesia is in a magnificent fact about the growth of tourism. Indonesian tourism is at its best in history. Various records are recorded by the Indonesian tourism industry is evidence of progress Indonesian tourism. Some records listed in these statistics include increasing the level of tourist arrivals from year to year as shown by data from the ministry of culture and tourism. Foreign tourist arrivals increased to 6,452,259 of people in the year of 2009. From the data it is known that this country was visited by 130 foreign persons per day with occupancy is by eight days old. This figure is the highest figure in the history of tourism, even though Indonesia has always plagued the various issues related to political, economic, and security. Do not rely solely on foreign sector, the Indonesian tourism supported by any indulgence tour of Indonesian society. The ministry of culture and tourism data showed that community turnover reached 119.15 million person trips in the year 2009. Not quite up there, the strength of the national tourism economy registered very high with an average expenditure of domestic tourists reached 128.77 billion rupiahs last year, with an average range of visits during the two days. All of the above facts show that Indonesia is now in economic glorious tourism industry. In the year 2010, Indonesia has made tourism industry as an important pillar of economic defense of the nation.
Generally, the resilience of the economic pillars, especially in the tourism industry, directly ended to the spirit of nationalism which demonstrated the increasing number of entrepreneurs engaged in this sector. This can be seen from the countries with the advancement of tourism such as France, Germany, Italy and the United States. Along with the advancement of tourism in these countries, they are increasingly growing spirit of nationalism. Their national languages are used more and more globally. Chain companies in the hospitality and travel industry who branded their country even more globally. However, the opposition fact exactly happened in this country. In the midst of the economic progress of tourism has, in fact the spirit of nationalism, the nation becomes lax.
Unlike the mainstay industry of Indonesia in general who are in the petroleum and mining sectors, or agriculture and plantations, the fate of the tourism industry in fact other than the other. If the professional-class players in the business of agriculture and plantation sector comes from the companies own nation, in the tourism sector in fact the best corporate hospitality and travel services providers in foreign hands. Not to mention when talking about companies involved in hospitality and tourism sector, fared even more unfortunate because to date there is almost no companies involved in the glitter of money world tourism coffers. Compare with state-owned petroleum monopoly as though the national mining economy. Even if there were any state-owned hospitality as fate would not live to die shrink. In other words, the local tourism investors became losers in their own country. In other words again, Indonesian nationalism should be recognized not apply in the tourism industry.
Nationalism is seen by the human eye up market tourism in Indonesia. Many of them chose to join with foreign companies that invest in Indonesia and would be in a position of labor or at least the lowest level of management. The worst news on the nationalism of Indonesian tourism is shown by the acquisition of Indonesian national pride hotel, Hotel Indonesia. The hotel is easily acquired and local investors without a competitor, by a Swiss company a large hotel, the Kempinski. Furthermore, the Indonesian people should be willing to hotels that are part of the history of this nation to change its name to the Hotel Indonesia Kempinski. This further confirms that the Indonesian people only play in the lower class, only works as a laborer, and difficulties in the tourism industry to invest into his/her own country. Another assertion, the Indonesian nation was forced to hand over income earned in their own country to other nations to invest in Indonesia. The third assertion, the Indonesian nation must be willing, if some attributes of the nation such as national language and characters stripped away when the nation directly involved in the tourism industry. Finally, the people of Indonesia must accept the fact that they were unaware of the colonial center to receive the present (modern Colonialism).
Refers to how amazing the progress of addressing the facts of Indonesian tourism, there are some persons who are optimistic nation in the face of four earlier affirmation of the lack of nationalism tourism. Their sense of optimism shown by the spirit of investing in the tourism sector and national strength in business activities that runs against a foreign nation. Other in their step is to establish itself in using terms that were nationalized their businesses. Although not yet fully supported by key elements of tourism in this country, still they are steps in maintaining the spirit of nationalism in their own country and worthy of our thumb should be followed. The steps they're doing is very strategic, but any strategic of their efforts will not mean anything if the government does not support them.
Currently emerging local players but the quality of international business, especially in investing in companies engaged in tourism industry (such as hotels and travel agents). Some Indonesian tourism property developers began to find their business strengths, in terms of nationalism, rather than foreign businesses who invest in Indonesia. This is the latest, the authors noted the fact that foreigners who vacation in Indonesia prefer to stay in a national named hotel rather than a foreign national by security reasons. In addition to these reasons, players travel business with a local name started looking for potential movement of Indonesian society in a vacation or travel.
Though the players in the hospitality business and travel business had been struggling to restore the tourism industry nationalism in his own country, the participation of national elements remain necessary, particularly to strengthen their step. The first and the main step are preparing human resources for the tourism industry, especially for management positions and investors. This is worth doing because so far the Indonesian tourism education is only used to print the tourism workers. So no wonder if now, at upscale hotels in Indonesia, their highest leaders in fact came from neighboring countries like Malaysia, India, Singapore, and even the Philippines. Not too strange if this nation are often afraid that if met with a foreigner. This is closely related to nationalism, because if this persists then this nation would lose dignity and self-esteem in front of a foreign nation. Tourism is one of the potentially industry which is raise the dignity of the nation but this is very ironic that this nation did not even realize this. In regard to print-businessman business people in the tourism industry, the government can exploit the tourism potential of two institutes owned land. Harnessing the potential of both tourism education institutions should be followed by increasing government budget in tourism education earlier. Once again, this nation must change the paradigm by leaving the printing business tourism slaves into scoring leaders and investors who later played an important role in controlling the world tourism.
The next step is to prepare the policies are complementary and can only be done by the government. If the human resources prepared by the established, for the continuation of local investors in play in the national tourism business can be done by improving infrastructure, ease the granting of licenses, and inculcate the spirit of nationalism, such as using the term Indonesia and Indonesian language in this tourism sector. To improve the infrastructure, the government can fix the existing public transport facilities in tourist areas such as Jakarta and Bali for the sake of giving a sense of comfort for vacationing tourists. In relation to grant permission, it is better that the Indonesian government to give concessions to the requirements of local investors compared to foreign investors.
Tourism Indonesia that recently appeared 'colonized' by any other nation can actually be reversed to appear 'colonizing'. Local investors can actually play in overseas tourism business so that it appears that Indonesia 'colonize' other nations that ultimately strengthen the nation's sense of nationalism. Sense of nationalism of this nation will finally be able to increase the dignity of this nation than any other nation. It is time for those nations that move personnel in the tourism industry to forget about their desire to become workers, and later becoming an investor or entrepreneur in the world of tourism. Being a worker will only further reduce the degree of this nation even in a short time can give a lot of revenue. It's time to face the future tourism development, the Indonesian youth thinking to invest in the tourism world and not as to workers in this industry.

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