Minggu, 30 Januari 2011

Friendship that will never end

Done already an international conference involving all the young optimists from all over the world. CUIC 2011 having completed its job perfectly, although there are still many things that must be improved in the future.

CUIC 2011 theme on this time is Envisioning ASEAN in three Pillars which also is a hot topic for discussion for the future of ASEAN. We discussed seriously on 3 pillars : economic, socio cultural, and politic. As the world know that what happens in ASEAN has always been the center of world attention at this time CUIC 2011 also invited delegations from countries outside ASEAN.

I am one of delegate that come from Bali, Indonesia and hope that the ideas which I contributed during the conference can accommodate the views of young people of Indonesia to ASEAN development in the future.

CUIC 2011 has indeed ended, but this is not the end of everything. What a wonderful gathering with young people with extraordinary spirit and exchanged ideas about culture, optimism, and opinions about the progress in their respective countries. Through this conference, I get so much knowledge, experience, and more importantly so many lovely friends.

Finally, I thank you so much for the support of friends, my liaison Ann, committees, staffs, hotel, and Thai people, and also everybody whose involved during the conference. I apologize if there are mistakes that I do either intentionally or not. I hope this friendship will never end. I wish we could meet again with the more successful, or perhaps as a delegation from the State each of us is more real. Success to you all and Go ASEAN ... Wish all of our dreams come true, Amen ...

Warm greetings from Bali, Indonesia

Made Handijaya Dewantara (Handi)

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