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A. Book about Tourism


1. Title : http://images.pearsoned-ema.com/jpeg/large/9780582357402.jpge Tourism

Information technology for strategic tourism management

2. Author : Dimitrios Buhalis

3. Publisher : Pearson Education Press, U.S.A.

4. Published on : November 2002

5. Characteristics : Paperback, 408 pages

ISBN13: 9780582357402

ISBN10: 0582357403

6. Summary :

The book is aimed at advanced undergraduate and postgraduate students in business, tourism and hospitality programs that need to explore how they can use (Information Communication Technology) ICT in a strategic context. It is also anticipated that researchers and practitioners will find it useful and stimulating.

This book addresses the digitization of all processes and value chains in the tourism, travel, hospitality and catering industries. By analyzing the new technological trends it provides a solid basis for analyzing the impacts of the Information Communication Technology (ICT) revolution on the tourism industry. The book adopts a strategic management and marketing perspective for tourism enterprises and destinations. It suggests that e-Tourism revolutionizes all business processes, the entire value chain as well as the strategic relationships of tourism organizations with all their stakeholders. It additionally focuses on how ICTs are employed in airlines, hotels, travel agencies, tour operators and destinations management organizations. The book demonstrates that e Tourism increasingly determines the competitiveness of the organization, and therefore, it is critical for the competitiveness of the industry in the longer term.

7. Contents :

1) List of figures, tables and case studies

2) Foreword

3) Acknowledgements

4) About the author

5) Preface

6) The information and communication technologies revolution and strategic management: issues – challenges – trends

7) 1. Information and communication technologies: evolution and revolution

8) 2. Implications of the ICT revolution for business and strategy

9) 3. E Tourism: the dynamic interaction of ICTs and tourism

10) 4. Demand-driven e Tourism

11) 5. Supply-driven e Tourism

12) 6. Operational management and distribution in e Tourism

13) 7. e Airlines

14) 8. e Hospitality

15) 9. e Tour operators

16) 10. e Travel agencies

17) 11. e Destinations

18) 12. e Tourism: synthesis and a vision of the future

8. Features

  • Strategic perspective demonstrates the contribution of ICTs to tourism organizations' competitiveness
  • A wealth of international examples ensure global application and relevance
  • Extensive use of case studies and illustrative examples demonstrate the link between theory and real world tourism situations
  • Further discussion topics encourage students to analyze further the information covered
  • Extensive bibliography and further reading encourage further study

· Associated website featuring up-to-date FT articles and power point slides create a comprehensive teaching and learning package.

B. Book about Hospitality

1. Title : Heads in Beds

Hospitality and Tourism Marketing

2. Author : Ivo Raza

3. Publisher : Pearson Education Press, U.S.A.

4. Published on : July 2004

5. Characteristic : Paperback, 272 pages

ISBN13: 9780131101005

ISBN10: 0131101005

6. Summary :

An excellent supplemental text for courses in Hospitality Management, Travel and Tourism Marketing, Travel Promotion and Sales, and Destination Marketing.

This factual, how-to book for hospitality and tourism students addresses the issues from a practitioner's point-of-view, providing a realistic and comprehensive look at what their jobs and responsibilities will be. Focusing on the practical side of managing hospitality, travel and tourism marketing, this text includes several topics not covered anywhere else—marketing to travel agents, COOP marketing with wholesalers, and loyalty marketing. It provides readers with solid advice and strong direction.

7. Contents :

1. Hospitality & Marketing

2. The Market

3. Products

4. Branding

5. Advertising

6. How to Create Better Brochures and Collateral Materials

7. Public Relations

8. Promotions

9. 25 Proven Ways to Reach Travel Agents

10. COOP Marketing: How to Get the Best Results from Marketing Through Wholesalers and Tour-Operators

11. Internet Marketing

12. Loyalty Marketing

13. Marketing Operations

14. Behind the Budget

Appendix: The Marketing Plan

8. Features :

  • Comprehensive coverage of all key areas of hospitality and tourism—Discusses topics from the practical standpoint of an actual practitioner.
    • Gives students a realistic, in-depth look at the industry. Provides instructors with a good practical complement to any hospitality and tourism textbook.
  • Specific practical advice—Gives tips for managing various marketing activities, such as developing products and brands, working with suppliers, creating better marketing materials, etc., as well as insight, examples, and little-known facts that provide a superior overview of the entire marketing process.
    • Presents students with advice that can be discussed and put to immediate use, whether at work or as a class project.
  • Real-work examples from hospitality, travel, tourism, and beyond—Includes examples from both hospitality and non-hospitality companies and brands.
    • Gives students a cohesive overall picture of travel marketing, making the text relevant for any career in the industry they might choose.
  • Unique topics—Covers subjects that have not been discussed in other texts on the market, such as markeing to travel agents, COOP marketing, and loyalty marketing.
    • Provides students with a text written for the marketing professional, allowing them to take immediate charge.
  • Project highlights, lists, and brief glossaries of commonly-used terms.
    • Gives students an interesting, lively text that will prove useful in their future careers. Provides instructors with excellent pedagogy not available in other supplemental texts.
  • Stimulating illustrations—Includes a multitude of interesting illustrations.
    • Help to highlight the topics, raise questions, and challenge the student.
  • Reader friendly.
    • Supports students' comprehension by its practical and conversational tone.

9. Author :

Ivo Raza is a branding consultant and founder of Brandhaus, a full-service marketing agency that specializes in integrated marketing solutions for hospitality, travel, and tourism clients. He has developed brand strategies, directed advertising campaigns, and managed marketing projects for a variety of companies and brands including Allegro Resorts, Viva Wyndham Resorts, Karisma Hotels, El Dorado Resorts, Jack Tar Village Resorts, Occidental Hotels, Royal Hideaway, Schick, Blue Diamond, Kraft Foods, Boston Beer, and others. For seven years, No was in charge of marketing at Allegro, which he helped grow into the largest chain of all-inclusive resorts. His professional mantra is: "Don't out-spend. Out-brand." He lives in Miami, Florida, and may be reached at ivo@brandhaus.net.

C. Book about Tour and Travelhttp://images.pearsoned-ema.com/jpeg/large/9780582404441.jpg

1. Title : Business Travel

Business TravelConferences, Incentive Travel, Exhibitions, Corporate Hospitality and Corporate Travel

2. Author : Rob Davidson, Beulah Cope

3. Publisher : Pearson Education Press, U.S.A.

4. Published on : Dec 2002

5. Characteristics : Paperback, 304 pages

ISBN13: 9780582404441
ISBN10: 0582404444

6. Summary :

For all undergraduate, postgraduate and diploma students of Travel and Tourism this book provides a comprehensive, in-depth study of the business tourism market worldwide, an analysis of the relevant theoretical issues and a detailed investigation of the practice of managing and organizing facilities for the business travel and tourism market. Both theoretical and practical issues are illustrated by extensive case-studies and end-of-chapter discussion questions allow students to test their knowledge and understanding.

Readership : A core text for Undergraduate, Postgraduate and Diploma students following courses in Business Travel and Tourism. Suitable for advanced level courses in business travel offered by the Guild of British Travel Agents and practitioners involved in the distribution and/or supply of business travel and tourism services. Supplementary reading for undergraduate Hospitality Management courses.


7. Contents :



Case-study: EIBTM: a new look for the 21st century


Case-study: The Guild of European Business Travel Agents and the UK’s Guild of Business Travel Agents

Case-study: Business Travel International


Case-study: The Austria Center, Vienna

Case-study: Meeting in Madrid


Case-study: Iceland as an incentive destination

Case-study: Golf developments in Scotland


Case-study: National Starch & Chemical

Case-study: CeBIT, Hanover

7) References

8) Glossary of terms


Case-study: Legoland, Windsor


8. Features :

  • Written by experienced lecturers specialising in business travel teaching and research.
  • A comprehensive and in-depth study of the worldwide business tourism market.
  • Packed with detailed case studies and examples.
  • Covers topical issues such as the use of information and communications. technology, return-on-investment, ethical issues and the impact of terrorism on business travel.
  • Strong pedagogical structure includes learning objectives, suggestions for further research, a comprehensive glossary of terms and full references.

CoverD. Book about English

1. Title : Heads Up (NEW)

English level:

Beginner to Intermediate

2. Author : Susan Iannuzzi and James Styring

3. Publisher : Oxford University Press, London, U.K.

4. Published on : October 2009

5. Description :

The flexible English course that features motivating material from pop culture to interesting world facts.

6. Overview :

Easy-to-teach material, clear layout, and a "Present less, practice more" methodology makes this course ideal for teachers with limited contact hours.

7. Key features :

  • Reading texts focus on topics teenagers can relate to. Examples include popular TV shows, superheroes, the Internet, computer games, and the lives of teenagers around the world.
  • Study skills activities in the Review sections practise useful learning techniques, such as making your own dictionary and methods for recording vocabulary.
  • Cross-curricular lessons focus on interesting and unusual subjects, from cave paintings to re-using waste products.
  • Song pages help motivate students with an engaging story and a variety of musical genres.
  • Workbook-style grammar and vocabulary section at the back of the Student Book provides reference material and extra activities.
  • Components offer maximum teacher support. A special Teacher's Edition of the Student Book provides answers for quick reference. A Teacher's Resource Book and Test Builder CD-ROM provide detailed lesson plans, extra worksheets, and test material.

8. ISBN index :

Heads Up 1

Student Book with MultiROM 978-0-19-412325-9

Workbook 978-0-19-412302-0

Teacher's Book 978-0-19-412303-7

Teacher's Resource Book 978-0-19-412304-4

Class Audio CD 978-0-19-412305-1

Test Builder CD-ROM 978-0-19-412306-8

Heads Up 2

Student Book with MultiROM 978-0-19-412327-3

Workbook 978-0-19-412308-2

Teacher's Book 978-0-19-412309-9

Teacher's Resource Book 978-0-19-412310-5

Class Audio CD 978-0-19-412311-2

Test Builder CD-ROM 978-0-19-412312-9

Heads Up 3

Student Book with MultiROM 978-0-19-412329-7

Workbook 978-0-19-412314-3

Teacher's Book 978-0-19-412315-0

Teacher's Resource Book 978-0-19-412316-7

Class Audio CD 978-0-19-412317-4

Test Builder CD-ROM 978-0-19-412318-1

Heads Up 4

Student Book with MultiROM 978-0-19-412331-0

Workbook 978-0-19-412320-4

Teacher's Book 978-0-19-412321-1

Teacher's Resource Book 978-0-19-412322-8

Class Audio CD 978-0-19-412323-5

Test Builder CD-ROM 978-0-19-412324-2

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