Senin, 24 Agustus 2009

6 Months unforgetable memories

In this feedback I’d like to say a full of gratitude for all of the people who works with me when I had 6 months traineeship on Human Resources Department Four Seasons Resort Bali at Jimbaran Bay. First of all I want to say a huge thank you for Human Resources Staff : Bapak Sumawidana (Director of Human Resources), Ibu Enong Gani (Human Resources Manager), Ibu Sri Nuka (Learning Manager), Bapak Andrie Prabowo (Former Learning Manager), Ibu Kadek Purnama, Mbak Elisa Soesilo (Human Resources Coordinator), Ibu Yulie Mills (English Learning Facilitator), Ibu Ety S. (Asst. Dir. of HR), Ibu Mila (Learning Coordinator), and Pak Henry Manik (Human Resources Cor.) for their help and their corporation when I had 6 months traineeship in Four Seasons. I want to say a big apologize if I had a lot of mistake in my traineeship. I wish luck and success for all of your career. I really hope my 6 months traineeship will bring me to be a success person especially in hospitality industry. I never forget all of your advises so I feel there’s a great changes in me, change to better than before. I always remember Pak Suma’s sentence for me : “Handi, you shouldn’t come here and meet me again if you’re not become a great and success person, and I believe you’ll be in that place”. For the other employees, contract workers, and trainees, in Four Seasons, all of you are great and kind people, I learn so many things from you, learn about attitude, learn about service, and learn how we work in the real hospitality. Especially for Pak John I say thank you for your permission so I can take my traineeship program in Four Seasons. Thank you for your kindness and I will not forget you all. Please forgive me when there’re some many mistakes that I had ever made. Feedback which I made in this opportunity is to report what I’ve done in my 6 months internship program in Human Resources Department in Four Seasons Resort Bali at Jimbaran Bay. For 6 months internship program in Four Seasons, I must pass the qualification , 4 stages interview. I applied in Front Office Department at first, but on my 1 stage interview with Learning Manager, he told me that I was qualified to get internship in Human Resources. I was very interesting in that moment because I think in Human Resources, I can learn a lot of things about people skill, people development, and how to manage the people. In that moment I was feeling I can get more things in Human Resources than in Front Office. Then I accepted that choice and I was continued until Stage IV when I meet with the Resort Manager. My traineeship program was started on Monday, 22nd December 2008. On my 1st date in Four Seasons, I felt very surprised because there’re a lot of things that I didn’t know before. Fortunately there’s a friend who always help me in the learning process. I got my orientation and that moment. But The Manager of Human Resources gave me the full orientation on 24th December 2008. In that orientation I felt that I reborn from only stupid student who didn’t know about hospitality industries and I felt brain cleaning to be Four Seasons hospitalized person. There’re so many things come Four Seasons like their golden rule, their core and culture standard, and their attitude. I felt very comfortable with that principle. I felt like there’re so much rules that can bring me to finish the job everyday. Six months traineeship program is consist of full of learning program for me. Of course, I learn a lot think about the principle about Four Seasons. How we expecting people more than we concern about our profit that we get. I also attracted with development program in Four Seasons. Four Seasons Home Office in Canada always look at our development program. There’re a lot of training program that I’ve joined when this opportunity. I joined the Supervisory Development Program, Leadership Program, e-KS Blended Class, e-Talent Class, and many more. But the best learning program that I’ve joined is Managing through Economic Downturn. In this training, I learn how Four Seasons still survive in global economic crisis. The conclusion is Four Seasons is very amazing. The other things that I learned from Four Seasons is off course about Human Resources in globally. My senior always told me how we make a communication with the other people. How we threat others and respecting them. And how we give our honor. I say a great thank you when my senior give me the surprise in my birthday. I also want to say thank you for Ibu Yulie (ELP Teacher) who give me belief to be a part of her newsletter team. I made 3 articles. I also have a great experience when Ibu Luh Resiki trust me to in charge at Ganesha Gallery. I learned so many thing in the gallery especially about how we make guest contact. Fortunately, I sold a painting with 2.500 US $ price. Amazing experience. Well, I know that I can’t tell all of my wonderful experience in this feedback. So many things that I should say about my 6 months experience. But the conclusion is I think I can’t pay back all of your kindness for me. I just only can say thank you and I think I must still learn everything. Again, please forgive me if there’re so many mistakes. My mottos is “No body’s perfect so always learning about our mistake”. That’s all about my feedback.

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